As I go door to door speaking to the people of St. John’s East – Quidi Vidi, I’ve heard your concerns about the economy, health care, caring for our seniors, and jobs.

There’s no doubt the price of oil has had a negative impact on our province. But the biggest problem has been this current government’s failure to plan and bad management.

Many of you are looking for assurances that things will be alright. I believe they can be. In my business career, I’ve learned the value of strong management and proper planning.

I have lived in the district since I was 5. My dad, Joe, owned and operated Antle’s Irving on Torbay Road. I graduated from Memorial, did a master’s degree in engineering, and graduated from Harvard Business School.

I pioneered our province’s environmental industry – developing and exporting environmental technology to 4 continents and working in some 15 countries. I can help diversify our economy.

I know the value of good jobs – I’m honoured to own the historic Newfoundland Dockyard with its unionized workforce of hundreds.

My wife, Renee, and I have 3 children. Our province’s future is tied to our young people. Too many of them have no choice but to leave. I’m convinced I can help change that so all our children can grow up with the choices we want them to have

I believe that with the right team in place, we can turn this province around.

I ask you to put me on that team – to put me to work for you.

I won’t let you down.